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    Sage 50cloud Payroll
    from Allan Noble

Allan Noble is fully conversant with Sage 50cloud Payroll. This powerful payroll control software, recognised and approved by HMRC, has been developed over many years and provides an excellent alternative to outsourced bureau services at a fraction of the cost.

Sage 50cloud Payroll will help you with your responsibilities to your employees with respect to GDPR.

Like all software, it needs correctly installing and configuration, that is where Allan Noble can provide you with an expert service.

We ensure that:

  • Sage 50cloud Payroll is installed & configured correctly.
  • Your Sage 50cloud Payroll complies with the latest legislation by ensuring that updates are correctly enabled.
  • We configure your Sage 50cloud Payroll to produce your own branded payslips if required.

Allan Noble can overcome any issue you may be having with your Sage 50cloud Payroll system and also provides ongoing support and training, either on-site or remotely.

Why choose Sage 50cloud Payroll?

Comply with payroll and pension legislation

Sage 50cloud Payroll software helps ensure you stay up to date and compliant with the latest legislation, including workplace pensions – Auto Enrolment, RTI and GDPR.

Eases complex payroll processes

Let the software do the hard work for you. It automatically calculates wages and salaries, allows for easy set-up and customisable deductions.

Manage your employees

Taking care of your employees comes first. With Sage 50cloud Payroll you can securely store employee information, efficiently manage holidays and record custom absence types.

Make sense of your data

Sage 50cloud Payroll includes a range of customisable reports to help you to make sense of your data, drill down easily to the information you need and quickly spot mistakes.

Get up and running quickly and easily

It's really easy to get up and running with Sage50 Payroll. With a simple installation process, set-up wizards and a built-in help centre, you have everything you need to get started.

Help and support from the Allan Noble, the Sage 50cloud Payroll experts

Even though Sage 50cloud Payroll software is easy to use, we understand you might need a helping hand every now and then.

We also offer Payroll Bureau services to a wide range of clients

If you have a small payroll and need to take the worry out of RTI, GDPR and Auto Enrolment, then our Bureau services are here to help you.

We welcome any enquiry regarding Sage 50cloud Payroll for installation, configuration or problem solving. Remember we can provide you with tailored training and support services as well. Just contact Allan Noble today.

Our customers say...

  • As a family business established in 1944 we are very ‘set in our ways’. After decades of double entry book keeping it was a revelation to be able to use Sage50 Accounts and subsequently Sage50 Payroll. However, with zero knowledge of computerised accounting, payroll or even a computer this would have been impossible without the knowledge, advice and help that we received from Allan Noble Ltd. I know I can message, call or email them and they will remotely log in to help resolve whatever difficulty I may incur (which in the current Covid19 environment is a constant especially with matters concerning furlough). Making Tax Digital with multiple companies also caused problems, which neither HMRC or our auditors could resolve but once again Allan Noble Limited working with Sage soon had the solution for multiple submissions. 20 years on we still rely on Allan Noble Limited for ongoing professional advice and guidance.
    Margaret Hickman, Company Secretary, Modlit Limited
  • In needing help to understand the workings of Sage50 Accounts I contacted Allan Noble Limited and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, able to understand my problems and more than anything able to correct my mistakes. Amazon was our main problem, amongst many others. Finding someone with the ability to understand the workings of Amazon and be able to translate it into working with Sage is a rare find. If you have a similar problem, then I would not hesitate to recommend and advise you to contact Allan Noble Limited. Their patience understanding and willingness to find the answers and get results has been invaluable to me and my company. Many thanks to Allan and his team. I have no doubt I will be calling on you for ongoing Sage advice.
    Bernardette Dymond M.D., Stationery & Craft Select Ltd
  • Allan Noble Ltd has been a supplier to the Baxter Group for the past 8 years. Their implementation and integration of Sage50 software to our freight management systems have helped us immensely to develop our business into what it is today. Allan Noble Ltd with their business understanding, continual support & online access have been instrumental in the growth and development of the Baxter Group. A professionally run Company offering personal support.
    Andrew Baxter – Managing Director, A W Baxter Ltd
  • We have worked with Allan Noble Limited for over 15 years and have developed a long-term professional relationship. We use Sage50 Accounts and Payroll packages and greatly value their independent advice when it comes to upgrading or investing in new versions. Although we are often contacted by SAGE directly, we would never agree to upgrade to any new versions without seeking their advice first. They are always quick to respond whenever we need any support or have any problems to resolve. In more recent years we have benefitted from their ability to remotely access our system to solve issues or carry out work on our data, which many years ago would have required a visit to our offices. This has been particularly useful this year during the coronavirus pandemic when travel has been restricted. In addition they process end of year routines for us which is very helpful as it is easy to forget the tasks which are only done annually. It is very reassuring to have access to independent advice from Allan Noble Limited who have a wealth of professional experience and expertise in the area of accounts and payroll as well as their knowledge of the SAGE software systems.
    Richard Hall FRICS, Managing Director, Doolittle & Dalley Holdings Limited
  • Allan Noble Limited was recommended to us some 15 years ago when we were first looking to implement Sage Accounts & Payroll - a decision we have never regretted. Since then they have always been part of our decision-making process when we have updated any of our accounts or payroll software and we have always bowed to their knowledge of the products. They will also go the extra mile to help when required to resolve problems. Allan Noble Limited have the patience and understanding of our business to help in all aspects of support and training when required. We certainly would have no hesitation in recommending them to any company who require Sage50 software.
    Sylvia Murphy, Director and Company Secretary, Malken Gauge & Tool Co. Ltd.
  • We have used Allan Noble Limited for almost 20 years. Their knowledge and experience have helped us overcome many Sage issues during that time. Their willingness to help is refreshing and they always somehow find a solution. International Castor Co Ltd and sister companies Atlas Handling (UK) Ltd, and Rallynuts Motorsport Ltd. highly recommend Allan Noble Limited. They are our first port of call for all things Sage Accounting and Payroll. Small businesses need support now more than ever and knowing that we have Allan Noble Limited to help with any Sage issues provides much solace.
    Paul Bonas, Director, International Castor Co Limited

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